Temporary Exhibitions

An entire floor of the Museum is dedicated to temporary exhibitions that alternate every six months. Since 2014, more than twenty exhibitions have been organised with the aim of offering new insights and relics (from institutional bodies and private collectors).

Ongoing exhibition

“Non sono la sabbia di un deserto qualunque”
the North African Campaign from El Alamein to Tunis 1942-1943

Mostra temporanea dicembre 2022

The narration of the itinerary takes place through the words of the veterans themselves, which, presented to the visitors, will only marginally recount the battles they faced, dedicating space, through written memory, to the many problems that afflicted our armed forces: from the lack of water, to the hardships of daily life, from the poor quality of equipment, to the terror of minefields.

Completed exhibitions

Cento, un secolo di collezioni

Tra allori e drappi neri

S’è cinta la testa

I cugini Ferrarin

Nel gelo e nel fango

In nome dell’onore

Alleati in Italia

La sete del soldato

Gli animali della Grande Guerra

Other exhibitions organised in the past:

  • Lame d’Italia (2014)
  • La Grande Guerra di latta (2014)
  • Ali dall’Adige al Brenta (2014)
  • XXIX mostra concorso di modellismo statico (2015)
  • Sogni di vita tranquilla (2015)
  • Cento in Trincea (2015)
  • La Grande Guerra nelle tavole di Achille Beltrame (2016)
  • Schegge 100 anni dopo (2016)
  • La Guerra di Carta (2016)
  • Sogni in tavola (2017)
  • La luce del soldato (2017)
  • La Sanità Militare durante la Grande Guerra (2017)
  • Tracce di Guerra in tempo di pace (2018)
  • XXX mostra concorso di modellismo statico (2018)
  • Mostra 87° Squadriglia S.V.A. La Serenissima (2018)
  • Recuperanti (2019)

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