The reconstruction of the Fiat 2000

A very ambitious and difficult project to carry out, but this did not stop us from completing it: the reconstruction of the Fiat 2000, or rather, the reconstruction of the first Italian tank, which had been lost for so long now.  This project, however, paid off by bringing back a piece of Italian history that was being lost.

Thanks to the stubbornness and foresight of an Italian entrepreneur, Mr. Giancarlo Marin, this challenge came to fruition and finally visitors to the 1914-1945 Civic Museum of the Armed Forces can admire this masterpiece of Italian engineering.


First phase

Flatbed and frame of the Fiat 2000 tank structure.

Second phase

Molded upper front wall and driver’s cowl. The right hub of the relative drive wheel is highlighted.

Third phase

Side view with evidence of side plate, idler wheel, and bogies.

Fourth phase

Detail of the interior of the hull of the Fiat 2000.

Fifth phase

Detail of the reconstruction of the dome

Sixth phase

Detail of the rolling system of the Fiat 2000

Seventh phase

First phase of the realization of the camouflage livery of the Fiat 2000

The completion of the project

The rebuilt Fiat 2000 tank.

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