Standard guided tours

  • Proposal dedicated to all classes
  • Average duration: 1.30 hours
  • Cost: suggested offer of 3 euros per student

The most classic guided tour of the Museum through the halls and exhibits. A general overview of the period 1914-1945 mainly dedicated to understanding and remembering the events told through the objects present.

Themed guided tour

  • Proposal dedicated to all classes
  • Average duration 1.30 hour
  • Suggested offer cost of 3 euros per student

This is a guided tour related to a specific sector of the museum itinerary. The choice of the itinerary is structured by the Museum managers in agreement with the teachers of the respective classes. For example, an in-depth tour of the Great War can also be created based on the topics covered by the school curriculum.

Visit to the Svecom-P.E. company.

  • Proposal dedicated to senior high school classes with a mechanical and commercial orientation
  • Average duration 2.00 hours
  • Suggested offer cost of 5 euros per student

An additional offer intended for high schools with a mechanical and commercial address is, in addition to the guided tour of the Museo delle Forze Armate the one to the important partner company of the Museum, Svecom PE. A company of more than 200 employees that has been in the mechanical industry (expanding shafts, rotating safety chucks, rollers and handling systems) for more than 60 years.

Additional routes can be evaluated individually. Contact us.

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