Royal Navy Hall

The room dedicated to the history of the Regia Marina displays several valuable objects some of which are related to the Vicenza area.

Numerous companies such as Pellizzari e Figli in Arzignano and even the embryo of what would become FIAMM in Montecchio Maggiore established a fruitful and lasting relationship throughout the 1930s with the Naval Forces.

But even in the difficult period of World War II and the Civil War, the history of the Navy was intertwined with that of the Territory with the creation in Montecchio itself of a base of the Undersecretariat of State of the National Republican Navy.

The Agno Valley itself starting from the town of Valdagno, which became a training base for the Gamma Units, was a place of relevant importance after September 8.

In the Hall where dozens of memorabilia (from impressive anti-aircraft battleship gunboats to numerous naval models) find their place, the following themes are addressed.

  • The Regia Marina of the Great War
  • The Regia Marina in the 1930s
  • The Second World War
  • Giants of the Seas: the battleships and the battleship Roma
  • The Gamma at Valdagno
  • The National Republican Navy at Montecchio Maggiore


The Memorabilia

Among the most historically interesting material, the Museum preserves some remains of the Nereide, an Italian submarine sunk by the Imperial Navy in 1915. In particular, these are a fragment of the periscope and the tail of one of the torpedoes.

Also on display are memorabilia related to the Undersecretariat of State of the National Republican Navy and the remnants of the flag of the Valdagno Gamma department marked by the signatures and dedications of the sailors who were part of it.

Also of great interest is a rare 1930s anti-pyrite suit for chemical specialists embarked in R.M. ships.

Gunboats and the Navy Jeep

Two imposing twin 40 mm Bofors gunboats enrich the room; these are relics granted by the Italian Navy. Remaining in service until the 2000s, the gunboats come from the Venice Arsenal.

A Ford Jeep in US NAVY livery is also on view.


In the room and clearly visible is an Italian Whitehead torpedo from the 1930s already on display in the Schio Sailors’ Park and granted by the Schio City Council, which authorized its display after careful maintenance.

Another important piece, a German G7a torpedo from Grado, is waiting to be displayed in the hall.

The Territory

In addition to the ties developed in the 1930s by many factories in the West Vicenza area with the Royal Navy, Montecchio Maggiore was the site of a base of the RSI National Republican Navy Undersecretariat of State between 1944 and 1945.

A section of the room is devoted to the Agno Valley and its bond to the Republican Navy.

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