Parking and camper van area

In the space in front of the Museum of the Armed Forces 1914-1945 is a large car park capable of accommodating dozens of cars and several coaches.

The space can also be used as a parking area for camper vans.

Please note that the parking area is not equipped and therefore has no services.


The Museum has two floors; it is possible for those with walking difficulties to use the lift available for access to the first floor of the Museum where the permanent exhibition can be seen.

Library and archive

Thousands of thematic volumes are collected in the museum library. All the material is currently being catalogued in order to make it available to researchers and enthusiasts upon request to the museum staff.

The archive consists of thousands of documents (from personal correspondence to technical manuals of the time). Part of the material is currently being digitised and will then be made available for consultation by historians and researchers.

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